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Gritly Academy is a monthly online training program integrating 1:1 COACHING & VIDEO TRAINING designed to help you grit and learn smart strategies to improve your mindset, focus and productivity to execute on your goals.

Be ready to expand your potential and build the life YOU want.



Are you multi-passionate with MANY ideas but can't seem to stay focus to execute on them and get fast growth?

Putting your priorities together, while learning at the same time and with multiple other things to do in a day is overwhelming, leading to multitasking, unproductive work and even procrastination! 

 We get it, it's not complicated,
it's merely hard


 If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, whether to manage your career as a freelancer, to have side hustles or to be ALL IN on your business, you need FOCUS to make it happen.



 Anyone can become an entrepreneur, not many are willing to put in the work. 

Watching videos, listening to podcasts and reading books is great for learning but is NOT going to make anything happen.

The hardest part is to GET THINGS DONE. To remove all distractions and focus. Find your passion. Find your grit.

 GRIT (= continuously working hard towards something you love) can be cultivated. 

Work needs to get done and we are here to help you and keep your motivation high.


If you're not ready to put in the work, then Gritly is not for you at the moment. I get it, committing is hard and requires time & energy. Think about where you are in your life right now and if you can commit to an intensive monthly coaching program. 


It took me many years to develop my grit and focus, to remove self-doubts and overcome resistance.
And not to give a fig about what anyone else was telling me NOT to do. Now I keep gritting.  

Gritly will help you speed up this process. 

Every day is an opportunity to create a masterpiece.

Michael Gervais


Success is the consistent pursuit of something you love.


Ambition and setting goals are not enough.
You need to take massive actions. Every day.

Having a coach to inspire you, to help you push your boundaries and make you accountable for your actions will drive 10x focus and productivity to achieve any goals.



Hi, I'm Aurelie Ho, Founder of Gritly. 

I'm here to help you execute on your dreams. Why?

Because I wish I had someone to help me grit and take my ambition to the next level. 


Instead I had to learn by myself and take the long road, growing through ups and downs by myself. 

I've had strangers, teachers, bosses, friends and family telling me I can't. 


I understand what it is to have many ideas & passions and having people around you telling you what NOT to do. Not to follow your gut, not to take the risky path. Not to follow your dreams, because surely you can't.

Most successful entrepreneurs didn’t have the support of their family and friends either. Those people mean well, they just fear going out of the conventional ways. Having the willingness to go up & beyond is rare. 1% of people have it!

If I had listened to people around me, I would have NEVER

  • get my Bachelor Degree in UK (a plan I had when I could barely speak any proper English

  • worked two jobs through Mon to Sun for a year, without any day off, to have enough savings and move abroad (they called me crazy)

  • worked 10,000 km away from my home at 24

  • started my first business in Hong Kong 

  • worked with some of the top startups in Hong Kong to build their People Operations and coach their team on performance & goal setting

  • launched an online coaching program in 6 weeks

  • said NO to business clients who didn’t fit my "ideal client" 

Now I'm coaching hundreds of Gritlers to get to the next level of their life while organizing my business around my life style to put my family first, every SINGLE day!

Don’t settle for plan B 

Those people ALWAYS asked me "what if it doesn't work out?", "what is your plan B?"


I will be honest with you, most of the time I never had a plan B. All my focus were on that ONE goal and I made it happen. When I did have a plan B, well guess what, plan B happened. 

Excellence is the next five minutes. 
Think small. Do something super cool by the end of the day!

Tom Peters


I had to overcome fear, self-doubt and resistance many times. I then learnt how to write my OWN story focusing on tomorrow, not what I did yesterday. Changing my beliefs & habits I developed deep focus & grit to execute on my dreams.


When I was not successful in getting what I wanted, it wasn't the fault of somebody else or the market, or whatever excuses I had at that time, it was me. I failed my first business because I gave into fear. Because after months of putting the work, my grit level decreased and my motivation was gone. 

It happens to most entrepreneurs. That is why most businesses fail after 1 or 2 years. 

But if you nurture a growth mindset, you will understand that any limits you have are the ones you set for yourself.  You can always refocus your goals, pivot and keep pushing.

No time commitment.

100% satisfaction or money back guarantee.


USD 89

HKD 698

registration reopens soon, get on the wait list so you don't miss it!



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