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Write down your thoughts and take massive actions every single day! Here is my personal intake on work and life.

- Aurelie Ho


I've started a lot, A LOT of things in my life. Many I didn't finished.

Starting a new project is not difficult, it's following through that is the hard part.

When it really matters, you'll find a find.

When it really matters, you'll find energy.

When it really matters, you won't procrastinate.

Ask WHY you want to do it and IF you can do it at this very moment.

Have a reality check on how you spend each hour of your day and if you can make time for this new project.

If it does, then keep your promises and show up for yourself.

There will be many times in your life when you'll have to face the unexpected. Maybe tomorrow, at work or at home with your family. You will not always be prepared for what's coming for you and you'll have to thrive through it, be it a bad news or just a big change of plans.

You might be able to control a bit your environment, where you live, people you associate with, but you're not in control of the economy or the market.

Sudden changes can badly impact your daily life and your business.

I'm living in Hong Kong now and this year has been so bad for business with months of protests and now the coronavirus. Many entrepreneurs lost clients or ran out of business, and many people, including some of my friends, lost their job. Life is not what it used to be here.

Now with the pandemic, many local economies will be badly affected, including daily life with people working from home and schools shutting down. No one could have predicted this a few months ago.

You need to be ready for those changes, because whether you want it or not, it's going to happen anyway.

It could be a good opportunity for you to spend time with your kids at home, to get out of your comfort zone, to try new things, to disconnect from your daily routine and test new habits.

You have to stay positive even when it's not going well. You might suddenly lose your job, or your house or have to move and that's tough when you have no time to prepare for it.

It could be worse. It could always be worse than what's happening. Someone out there has it worse than you. And things will get better.

Sometimes the unexpected brings you positive changes, it's not always all bad.

It could be positive like signing a big client with a project starting ASAP and you're not ready at all. It happened to me when I signed my first client. It took months to warm up that lead and when they were hooked, I had to start to roll out the project right away. Like literally on the same day!

You could also have to step up in your career and suddenly take on the job of your manager and lead a big team when you don't feel ready. It could also mean moving to the other end of the world for that big job opportunity you've been craving but you have no time to prepare when it happen and you're scared. If you face it, you'll get stronger and benefit from it.

Even when you have time to prepare to face new changes in your life, things usually don't go exactly as planned. You'll have to adapt.

Life is no short of choices. You always have choices to make, the difficulty is deciding what to do.

You'll have to rethink your priorities and be okay with not being able to do things exactly as you wanted to. Plan as much as you can, if you can at all, but also be okay with the unexpected things smashing you in the face and taking it all in.

Time will pass and things will eventually go back to normal, or at least to a new normal.


We spend too much time thinking, debating over ideas instead of creating.

Planning is good when it leads to quick hands-on actions and fast results.

Spending time strategizing, trying to find the best ideas and how best to execute it, is often time consuming and unproductive.

We learn a lot by experience, by doing. A lot of the time, new projects or ideas are unique to your situation and trying to figure out the absolute best way to go about it, can end up being a huge waste of time. Imagine spending weeks planning to finally execute on your ideas and realize quickly another option was better... It happens all the time!

The solution? Create asap, test and adapt quickly.

Less thinking, more actions.




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