High-Performance Coaching

 Achieve your highest results with laser-focus,

 increased productivity & the right execution 

 1-1 performance coaching for solo entrepreneurs & CEO growing their teams 

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As much as talent counts,

effort counts twice.

Angela Duckworth

Burnout is not the key to success

What if you could shape your reality to show up consistently in your work & bring the results up want...

without feeling constantly overwhelmed,

without giving into doubts and fears,

without always being behind schedule,

without burning out all your energy?

You can grit and be sussecful without working 16 hours a day. With clarity and focus, along with a strong support system, you will work less and achieve more.

With so many things to handle as an entrepreneur, knowing exactly what to prioritize, what to drop or delegate, what to automate, so you can save precious time is crutial. 

HIGH ACHIEVERS have all learnt how to IMPROVE their growth mindset, goals setting skills and execution. They all have been coached and mentored.  

Having a performance coach will help you step up into your role and take consistent actions to achieve all your business goals.


🔥 be lazer-focus each day

🔥 feel energized & have control over your day

🔥 accomplish more in less time

🔥 free your time to work on what truly matters

🔥 consistently nail your goals

🔥 be confident in your skills & offers

🔥 disconnect from your work without feeling guilty

100% satisfaction or money back guarantee

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Each 1-1 monthly coaching program is customized with relevant action plans



Get clarity on what you truly want to achieve over the next 3 months with a simple monthly roadmap & actionable steps. 



Build the best routines & rituals you need to help you be consistent & be at your best every day.



Improve your skills so you can show up confident in your work and serve more people.



Continue to grow your business with the right people to help you scale and live your vision.

1-1 High-Performance Coaching

Unleash your potential, productivity & happiness at work

Weekly one-to-one coaching call

Unlimited written/voice messages & feedback

Road map & action plans template



pay monthly, no commitment 



pay yearly to save USD688

Try for a month - 100% money back guarantee if that's not working for you

Prices are shown in USD.


Investing your time & money in a 1-1 high intensive coaching program is a big commitment. It means you are ready to take daily action and make real changes in your work routine. 


Building trust and confidentiality with your coach is crucial to work on your performance. We'll define a time for our weekly call and then communicate asynchronously by voice and written messages for on-going feedback. 

I'll teach you how to set up goals and grit to achieve them (without burning out!) so you can get fast results. I'm here to give you the right support system, strategies and tools, and accountability you need to make it happen. BUT I cannot do the work for you or guarantee any results. No magic program will do that for you. 

If you're not willing to do the work and prioritize this intensive coaching, then Gritly is not for you.

If you are, then I'd be happy to work with you and help you achieve your business goals & peak performance.