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A few beliefs got me...

Out of the 9 am-9 pm mad race I was living in Hong Kong. 
Out of chasing out what success is supposed to be. 
Out of fulfilling other people's expectations.

Straight to shaping my life exactly the way I want. Putting my priorities on what matters the most to me: my family.

You can do anything if you put your minds to it with the right EXECUTION and support.

Does this sound like you?

"I want to make a real impact on my life and others"

"I want to control my time and my day"

"I want to do more every day"
"I want to start my podcast"

"I want to grow my YouTube channel"
"I want to write a book"

"I want to grow my business faster"

"I want to eliminate self-doubt"

"I want to be more productive"

We all have big ideas and dreams but only 24h in a day.
Yet some people get some much more done in less time!

They're high achievers and are more productive in less time than 99% of people. They grit!

GRIT doesn't = working 12 hours per day. 

You cannot focus more than 4 hours per day on average. High achievers know that very well and have improved their mindset, focus, goals setting skills, and daily routines to execute faster. They know exactly where their time is going and start each day with intention. 

They all have been coached or mentored to IMPROVE their performance. 

They may have luck, but it was no accident that led them to their level of success.


With Gritly Academy, I want to inspire you to GRIT = to relentlessly work towards what matters to you.

Are you ready to grow?


-Aurelie Ho 


Gritly Academy is an online training program designed to help busy entrepreneurs & creators of all ages, to learn & implement smart strategies to improve their mindset, focus, and productivity. The program includes:


monthly module with 4 audio training

 + weekly cheatsheet 

 + weekly chat with your coach 

You'll have access to the content for as long as you're enrolled.

Be ready to expand your potential and build the life YOU want.


Ambition and goals are not enough.

You need to take massive actions.

Every single day.



 Do things that matter 

You only have one life, make it count.


One of the things we teach entrepreneurs is to focus on what truly matters. For us, it's finding our JIM (Joy, Impact, and Money). We thrive to have more freedom (finance & time), use our potential towards things we love, and impacting people's lives. That's why for every yearly student we get as part of Gritly academy, we give away one year of subscription* to one child in need of support/coaching. 

One student


One kid


*Scholarships will be given directly through applications on our website and also through chosen schools and children's associations.


When you're a multi-passionate with MANY ideas, putting your priorities together, with multiple other things to do in a day is overwhelming, leading to multitasking, unproductive work, and even procrastination! 

We get it, it's not complicated, it's merely hard


If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, whether to manage your career as a freelancer, to have side hustles, or to be all in on your business, you need FOCUS & GOOD HABITS to make it happen.

It's NOT about hustling 24/7, if that's you then Gritly Academy is not for you.

Instead learn how to work less, faster, and get more results. But you have to commit to do the work and make real changes in your life, otherwise, nothing will happen.


 Progress at you own pace 

Whether you want to...

scale your business or side hustle

ditch your 9-8 to finally start your own business

work as a consultant or land a remote job

start a podcast / YouTube channel

publish a book

_________ (fill in the blank with your current project)


...all while making time for your family & what matters to you, you need to build mental strength, focus, and winning routines to take the right actions every single day to make it happen! 

Each week you'll have access to an actionable cheatsheet to put into practice what you've learned right away. Simple and actionable.

You can binge-listen each module or go through it one at a time as we release them. It's up to you and how much time you can dedicate to the program. When you're busy one week, you can catch up the following week. 

 Performance Coaching  

As a student, you'll be able to chat with your coach each week with unlimited messages (written/voice), to make sure you progress and all your questions are answered.

Our communication will be written & asynchronous, meaning you read & reply on your own time when you are available! No time pressure 🕑


1-1 High-Performance Coaching

Unleash your potential, productivity & happiness at work

Weekly one-to-one coaching call

Unlimited written/voice messages & feedback

Road map & action plans template

Ambition and setting goals are not enough.
You need to take massive actions.


Every day.


When you're launching a new project, it's difficult to maintain focus and pretty easy to give in to fear and self-doubt. To multitask. To be all over the place. To procrastinate on the things that matter the most to you. 


If you want to achieve any level of success, you need to change your beliefs & habits to develop deep focus & grit to execute on your dreams.

Learning the right skills and tolls + having a coach to inspire you, to help you push your boundaries and make you accountable for your actions will drive 10x growth.



pay monthly, no commitment 



pay yearly to save USD688

Try for a month - 100% money back guarantee if that's not working for you

People Operations Add-ons

Need helps with team performance, hiring, and retention?

Bring performance coaching to your team to increase engagement, attract the best talents with a beautiful & efficient hiring process, and make sure they stick around long enough with an attractive salary formula & bonus plan.



Starting fee in USD

Goal-setting training

Engagement surveys

Performance mapping



Starting fee in USD

Talent branded website

Tailored selection process

Talent pipeline



Starting fee in USD

Market research

Salary formula

Bonus plan

Prices are shown in USD.

The first month is 100% satisfaction or money back guaranteed.



Hi, I'm Aurelie Ho, Founder of Gritly. 

I'm here to help you execute on your dreams. Why?

Because I wish I had someone to help me take my ambition to the next level. Instead, I had to take the long road, growing through ups and downs by myself. 

I've had strangers, teachers, bosses, friends, and family telling me I can't. 


I understand what it is to have many ideas & passions and having people around you telling you what NOT to do. Not to follow your gut, not to take the risky path. Not to follow your dreams, because surely you can't.

Most successful entrepreneurs didn’t have the support of their family and friends either. Those people mean well, they just fear going out of the conventional ways. Having the willingness to go up & beyond is rare. 1% of people have it!

If I had listened, I would have NEVER

  • got my Bachelor Degree in the UK (a plan I had when I could barely speak any proper English

  • worked two jobs through Mon to Sun for a year, without any day off, to have enough savings and move abroad (they called me crazy)

  • worked 10,000 km away from my home at 24

  • started my first business in Hong Kong 

  • worked with some of the top startups in Hong Kong to build their People Operations and coach their team on performance & goal setting

  • launched an online coaching program in 6 weeks

  • said NO to business clients who didn’t fit my "ideal client" 

Now I'm coaching hundreds of Gritlers to get to the next level of their life while organizing my business around my lifestyle to put my family first, every SINGLE day!

Don’t settle for plan B 

Those people ALWAYS asked me "what if it doesn't work out?", "What is your plan B?"


I will be honest with you, most of the time I never had a plan B. All my focus was on that ONE goal and I made it happen. When I did have a plan B, well guess what, plan B happened. 



We open registrations only a few times per year and limit stops available to make sure each one has enough support along with the program.


+ weekly cheatsheet


Get clear on what truly matters to you, take daily actions to execute on the goal, measure and track your progress for success


Manage your level of focus, develop the only skill you need to max out focus, use hands-on strategies to deal with distractions


Learn about the power of habits, model winning routines, assess your habits, get started and follow-through


Learn about the power of elimination & minimalism, strategies to work faster, productivity apps  


 Organize your business 

 Automate your work 

 Working remotely 

+ Tons of resources to keep learning & digging further on each topic


The difference with Gritly Academy is that, on top of great content, you'll have direct access to a performance coach to help you grow for the duration of the program.


I wanna help people in a way that is going to IMPACT their life in the long run. That's why I've launched an online program that integrates online training with 1:1 coaching which will actually drive 10x results.  

I cannot do the work for you, but I can be ALL IN with you. 

Are you ready to grit?  

 Gritly Academy includes 
- monthly module with audio training.

weekly assignments (cheatsheets) for you to put into practice what you learn.
- Direct access to your performance coach Aurelie Ho to check on your progress (unlimited messages if you enroll during the beta launch).
- Join an exclusive community to have extra support, share your goals and boost your motivation (2021).

As a student, you'll have access to the program and upcoming updates as long as you're enrolled.

What are you waiting for?

 Enroll now for the next opening, spots are limited in order to give full attention to each student, and we only open a few times per year.


100% satisfaction or money back guarantee.


EUR 89

EUR 48

registration reopens soon, get on the wait list so you don't miss it!

The investment for Gritly Academy beta is 48 EUR for founding members, then it will jump to the normal pricing at 89 EUR.

Our 100% satisfaction or money-back guarantee policy means we will refund you if you believe Gritly Academy is not the right fit for you. You have two weeks from the start of the to send us an email with your completed assignments for the two first weeks in order to get a refund. No questions asked.




Why did you create Girtly Academy?

As I have less time to coah 1-1, I wanted to help as many people as I can, especially in this crazy time, to get moving and keep pushing throught their goals and dreams. I see too many people putting on hold their ideas and dreams because of self doubt, self sabotage, a lack of organization to make time for them, and simply because it's hard. With no support it can be scary to start something new. I also see many people who start projects and don't go through with it, and now thinking they are not able to. High achievers are not smarter nor they have more time than you. They just have learnt to use their energy and time better. They focus and go all in to execute on their goals, while taking care of their health so they don't burn out. I'm here to help you do that. Now is not the time to be complacent, you have to do more and make sure to keep developing your skills to be relevant on the market, wether to grow your career or business.

What happens when I enroll?

First, you'll receive an email to confirm your enrollment. Then you'll receive an email before the start of the training with your login to access the program with all the info you need to get you started.

I'm already super busy. How long will it take each day?

As little as 10-20min to listeng to the audio training and reflect on what you've learn by completing the cheatsheet provided. If you're not ready to put in the work, then Gritly is not for you at the moment. I get it, committing is hard and requires time & energy. Think about where you're at in your life right now and if you can commit to an intensive coaching program.

How long do I have access to Gritly Academy?

For as long as you're enrolled as a student (and pay the monthly plan). You'll have access to all past modules and all upcoming updates & added resources, so you can retake the modules anytime you want.