We're on a mission to help people, including kids, reach
 their highest potential through education & coaching🖤

The number 1 reason why people don't achieve their goals is a lack of follow-through.

Having ideas, dreams, getting started is easy. Taking actions, getting things done (the important things done!) requires focus and tons of discipline, which is so hard to do today in a world where we're constantly distracted and given quick rewards (social media) and, no thanks to our education, lacking confidence and giving into self-doubt.

But it doesn't have to be like this...

Some people are highly successful, with their careers, business, and relationships.

They've learned to push through their fears and relentlessly take small & big actions every day to achieve their goals. Yet they don't work 12hours a day and are much more productive in less time than 99% of people. 


HIGH ACHIEVERS have many things in common, the most important one being their MINDSET.

Gritly is born to help entrepreneurs & creators, including kids, to achieve their highest potential through education (podcast, youtube, guides) and coaching (Mindset Bootcamp, Gritly Academy).


 Do things that matter 

You only have one life, make it count.


For every yearly student, we get as part of Gritly academy,

we give away one year of subscription* to one child in need of support/coaching. 

One student


One kid


*Scholarships will be given directly through applications on our website and also through chosen schools and children's associations.

 Aurelie Ho, Founder 

I'm a mum of 2, a performance coach, the founder of Gritly, on a mission to help people like you, entrepreneurs & creators, parents & kids, develop a grit mindset to relentlessly take daily actions to be the best version of yourself.

After working in corporate HR for 10+ years (Hiring & People Operations including career development, training, and performance coaching) for big and small companies, I now help people & teams be LASER-FOCUS and GRIT to improve their performance and nail their goals.

If you're reading this, chances are you want more from your life and business. I get it, I do too. And why shouldn't we?

I've created Gritly Academy to help you take action to IMPROVE your focus, mindset, goals setting skills, and execution.

You are capable. You are enough. It's just hard to commit long enough to see the results you wanna drive.


It's not complicated, it's merely hard. With endless to-do lists, packed schedules, and added stress from tight deadlines, it's normal to feel overwhelmed! Putting your priorities together, while learning at the same time, with multiple other things to do in a day often leads to multitasking, unproductive work, and even procrastination! 


Having someone to help you through all the steps makes all the difference.


You can learn to focus, take control of your day, to work on what matters to you, and achieve any goals if you want it bad enough.

I want that for my kids, and for as many people as I can help!

Are you ready to grit?

With Gritly you'll drive 10x focus and productivity to achieve any goal.



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