EP 6: Cultivate The Right Mindset To Do

This week on Living With Your(best)self podcast

What if the only thing that you're missing to take you to where you wanna be, to achieve your goals, to get better, is the right mindset? The mindset that will help you take action relentlessly in the right direction, while tuning down the negative voices in your head that make you doubt yourself and self-sabotage.

Having a growth mindset or a grit mindset is not something you're born with, you can develop it and continue to cultivate it through your life. Just like any other skill. But that’s not a magic quick fix, it takes times, and even if you become a gritler and a high achiever, you will sometimes doubt yourself, have low days where you think you cannot do anything right or it’s too hard, you’ll want to talk yourself out of it. But you’ll quickly get back to work and know that you can.

It all sounds easy but let me tell you, it's not. It takes discipline, and many people are too lazy to put in the effort and the time or they don’t have the right support to help them.


Today I share with you tips to build your mindset so you don't live on auto-mode like 99% of people.


What negative voices stop you from doing what you want?
What usually triggers those negative voices? A moment in your day, a conversation... what makes you easily give into your fears and worries, the negative loops you know so well?
What can you do to stop it? What can you tell yourself at that moment to stop this loop and switch your mood?
If you could do anything right now, knowing you cannot fail, what would you do?
What steps can you take right now to ensure you develop your grit mindset (steps like cutting off things or people in your life that don't contribute to the desired mindset).


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