The One Mistake New Creator Make that Kills Productivity (and Their Growth)

Execution Made Simple For Creators Ep 001

How many videos do you think you need to put out on YouTube to start seeing a growth in your audience? Or to have your podcast rank top charts? 

When you're getting started it's difficult to pierce through the noise and low metrics (views) can discourage us from creating more content. But all creators had to go through this struggle. They kept pushing and consistently hit publish.

Let's dive today on how consistency can make you successful and why it matters.

I'm Aurelie Ho, I'm a Wife & Mum of 2 (wild) creative minds. I'm addicted to 🍕 & 🎮

I've been a People Ops and Performance coach for startups and small companies, I now turn content creators into productivity nerds like me and LOVE it.

I truly hope this podcast will positively impact your creative workflow and that you'll stick around💛

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