How to Find Your Voice As a Content Creator

Execution Made Simple For Creators Ep 002

Hitting publish is hard when you're a new content creator and a bit scary when you feel you haven't found your unique voice yet. But to find that unique angle you're gonna have to train yourself, hit record, and get better each time. Work on your performance as a creator.

In this episode, we talk about finding your uniqueness, your voice as a content creator, and how you can get started to make real progress today.

I'm Aurelie Ho, I'm a Wife & Mum of 2 (wild) creative minds. I'm addicted to 🍕 & 🎮

I've been a People Ops and Performance coach for startups and small companies, I now turn content creators into productivity nerds like me and LOVE it.

I truly hope this podcast will positively impact your creative workflow and that you'll stick around💛

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