Creative Block Is a Myth: Create More With This Simple Strategy

Execution Made Simple For Creators Ep 004

Uploading and sharing your content when no one is listening or watching is tough. You spend hours planning, scripting, recording, editing, promoting, and then... nothing. You get 10 views.

But those 10 views are everything when you get started. 10 people showed up and paid attention to your content and hopefully enjoyed it. Starting as a content creator is not about growing fast and checking your analytics every 5 minutes. It's about connecting with the people who choose to come back to your content because they relate to your message.

Growing is difficult and it takes time, consistency, and, well, growing your skills as a content creator.  In this episode, we talk about making the most of this moment as a small creator.



I'm Aurelie Ho, I'm a Wife & Mum of 2 (wild) creative minds.

After being a People Ops (HR) and Performance coach for startups and small companies, I now turn Content Creators like you into productivity nerds like me and I LOVE it.

When I don I don't work on other creative projects with my kids (and trying to turn them into Little Entrepreneurs), you can usually find us hiking or at the beach, or home playing🎮 and eating 🍕

I truly hope this podcast will positively impact your creative workflow and that you'll stick around💛

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