The most important asset in your business is your PEOPLE. 

 They don't need cool job titles, ping pong tables and free snacks. 

 They strive to IMPACT their lives and others. They need to grow

 Empower your team to self-organize 
 to increase focus & productivity 

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As much as talent counts,

effort counts twice.

Angela Duckworth


At Gritly we believe anyone can shape their reality, change their habits, routines, set of beliefs if they put in the work. HIGH ACHIEVERS have all learnt how to IMPROVE their growth mindset, goals setting skills and execution. They all have been coached and mentored.  

Sustaining a business is hard enough, you don’t have the time to coach people to grit right from the bat, resulting in lack of directions and individual follow up.

We'll teach your people how to step up into their role, to define goals and to focus, to review their progress, so they can give their best every day to create, innovate and help your business grow.


We're passionate about People Operations.


People Ops should be simple, transparent and enjoyable for your team. Apart from making sure people are well paid at the right time and that all your practices complied with the laws, People Ops is ALL about engagement and performance!

That's where we focus on! 🔥

100% satisfaction or money back guarantee

Goals setting video training

Weekly one-to-one coaching with unlimited feedback

Weekly/Monthly engagement surveys

Performance mapping



USD per person



USD per person



Talent branded website

Tailored selection process

Talent pipeline



Market research

Salary formula

Bonus plan

Prices are shown in USD, for up to 50 employees. For more, contact us for pricing.
Fee is paid monthly before each start of the month.

First month is 100% satisfaction or money back guaranteed.

Then cancel any time before the start of next month (current month will not be refunded).



We work ONLY  with startups and SMEs who put their team first. Our service fits team from 5 to 50+ people, with or without an HR/People Ops team.

Building trust and confidentiality with your team is crucial to work with them on their performance. If you don't trust your people, to work independently with a coach, in full confidentiality or if you give into micro-management, then Gritly is not for you.

Our team work remotely and communicate asynchronously by voice and written messages. It's fast while removing time pressure and headaches scheduling & rescheduling meetings.

Have an amazing people service for your team to boost engagement, focus and performance. We'll teach them your people how to set up goals and grit to achieve them (without burning out!).

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