Our team is passionate about People Ops, Performance and obsessed with Growth.

The most important asset in your business is your PEOPLE. How do you help them focus and give their best every day to create and innovate to make your business grow and succeed?  


We'll coach them through weekly one-to-one chat to discuss priorities, plans and problems. And anything else that comes up. 


They will FOCUS on what matters, learn and be successful in their role taping into their passions, ideas & meaningful work.  

100% satisfaction or money back guarantee

Empower your team to self-organise to achieve objectives, increase focus and productivity 

Performance coaching will help your team focus and get things done, one person at a time.

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As much as talent counts,

effort counts twice.

Angela Duckworth


People don't need cool job titles, ping pong tables and free snacks.  

People strive to IMPACT their lives and others. They need fulfilment

What you need is to challenge your team and ALIGN their day to day role with your business goals.  

Not easy to do when you are growing your business fast!  

At Gritly we believe anyone can shape their reality, change their habits, routines, set of beliefs if they put in the work. We don't believe in fake it till you make it.  

The BEST PERFORMERS have all learnt how to IMPROVE their growth mindset, goals setting skills and execution. THEY ALL have been coached and mentored.  

Growing new skills couldn't be easier in 2020 with free content, yet putting it into ACTIONS to have specific results doesn't come easily. 

Having a system & support will make a HUGE difference! 


We're passionate about People Operations.


People Ops should be simple, transparent and enjoyable for your team. Apart from making sure people are well paid at the right time and that all your practices complied with the laws, People Ops is ALL about engagement and performance!

That's where we focus on! 🔥

100% satisfaction or money back guarantee



USD per person



USD per person


# Weekly one-to-one coaching

# Goals setting training & guidelines

# On-going feedback and reviews

# Performance mapping (roles/skills)

# Grit (engagement) surveys

# Coaching your people team (if any) to build an awesome work experience & culture

Prices are shown in USD, for up to 50 employees. For more, contact us for pricing.
Fee are paid monthly before each start of the month.

First month is 100% satisfaction or money back guaranteed.

Then cancel any time before the start of next month (current month will not be refunded).

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