EP 4: How to Face The Unexpected (Thrive Through Crisis, Life Changes)

This week on Living With Your(best)self podcast

You'll go through many changes in your life where you won't be in control of what's happening. You might be able to control a bit your environment, where you live, people you associate with, but you're not in control the economy or the market. Sudden changes can badly impact your daily life and your business. And we've seen this at full speed this year with covid 19, people's life have been affected badly. You will not always be prepared for what's coming for you and you'll have to thrive through it, be it a bad news or just a big change of plans, you must keep moving forward.


Today I share with you a story on how I had to deliver my baby alone without my husband because my hospital was in quarantine and how mindset is key to get through things.


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How recent changes have affected your life?

 How can you accept the situation, stay positive and move forward?

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