We're a team of People passionate

Gritly is a fully remote team working together to help people and teams improve their performance as creative entrepreneurs. We work as a team and treat each of our student as a unique and exciting opportunity to help her/him grow.

We don't work by hours, that would be silly in 2021, right? Instead we focus on output which makes sense as productivity is our top priority. Each one of our team members is accountable for their outcome and is trusted to do their best job every day, right from day one.

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Gritly is a family business. We hire people who have a grit mindset and believe in our mission to empower creative entrepeneurs. It's all about people.


 Life is made of many things and work is just one of them.

Enabling people to blend in work with life, to empower them to be more focused and productive at work, and to fully enjoy their life including family every day is our true mission.

 We don't have a set of working hours or holidays.

Most people will work around 30-35 hours per week, with no defined working hours. We work remotely and asynchronously with our teammates and students and we trust our team to get things done. 

 We default to trust & transparency. 

Working at Gritly is enjoyable and stress-free (that's how great works and innovation happen). No weekly stand up meetings here.

GOALS are set up by each teammate and shared on Mondays with the team and WINS are celebrated on Fridays. We focus on actions-based goals, not results.

Open communication is in place with the right tools to ensure everyone has access to the information in real-time. Catch ups are usually done by voice or written messages. 

 Roles in our team 

Performance coach (for small business' teams)

Community manager (for Gritly Academy)

Marketing & business development 

Creative (video, podcast)

We do not have any openings at the moment.

Also we will not hire interns in 2021.

 Here is how to reach out: 

Send a short email to covering the following

☑️ in one paragraph, describe how you have used your grit mindset to overcome a difficult situation before,

☑️ what's your favorite productivity hack, app, or tool?

☑️ what's your favorite self-help/business book or podcast and why?

☑️ tell us about any previous exp. in coaching or consulting you might have that can translate well to working at Gritly.

P.S. we are commit to do our very best to reply to each person within 7 days.
We believe no contact or question should be hanging out there with no answer and if we don't get back to you, chances are we've simply missed your email! In that case, kindly send a quick reminder😀