EP 2: The paradox of time & patience

This week on Living With Your(best)self podcast

I can bet you wish your days were made of 48 hours. Honestly, I do too. But what if we got things wrong about time scarcity? And should we have patience? How long do we really have to achieve our goals anyway?

Here's a hint: I don't know and you don't as well, but the reality is that life is too short and we should act on our dreams right now. Not when we gonna have more time. You'll always be busy with things and work will never stop. Make time for things that truly matter in your life, right now.

I'll share with you a story today that is a very painful life lesson yet necessary to hear to get you (and myself!) moving in life. To act before it's too late. While appreciating what you have today and learn to love the journey. Be grateful, be happy now.




Should we have patience or not?

What is the big dream you have in your life?
How can you make sure to take action on it right now?


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