On this podcast Aurelie Ho discuss what it takes to get the BEST out of your life & work, without constantly doing more and burning out. 

If you're an entrepreneur & creator eager to relentlessly take daily actions on your goals and go after the life you want, then this podcast is for you.

Living With Your(best)self latest episodes

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EP 8: Hitting year-end goals in the last 90 days

OCTOBER 14, 2020

Only less than 90 days before year-end. What are you going to focus on to double down on your results? Today I share with you a quick exercise to find your focus and decide what you're going to work on for the next 3 so you...

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EP 7: Simple strategies to work at your best from home

SEPTEMBER 15, 2020

People either love work from home and never want to go back to the office EVER or they hate it and can't seem to get anything done. And according to Netfilx's CEO it has 0 positive Well, whether you agree or not, you might...

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EP 6: Cultivate The Right Mindset To Do

SEPTEMBER 04, 2020

What if the only thing that you're missing to take you to where you wanna be, to achieve your goals, to get better, is the right mindset. The mindset that will help you take action relentlessly in the right direction, while tuning...

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EP 5: Stillness The Key to Create More In Your Life

AUGUST 29, 2020

Are you able to stay still for more than 10min? To put down your phone? To be fully present in the moment? To give time for your brain to recharge during your busy work days? If you cultivate stillness by building healthy...

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EP 4: How to Face The Unexpected (Thrive Through Crisis, Life Changes)

AUGUST 17, 2020

You'll go through many changes in your life where you won't be in control of what's happening. You might be able to control a bit your environment, where you live, people you associate with, but you're not in control the...

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EP 3: Talent Doesn't Determine Your Success

AUGUST 10, 2020

What do you think matters most, talent or grit? And more importantly do you think you have talent, grit or both? Today we discuss the importance of hard work in being successful and why grit will help you outwork your...

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EP 2: The paradox of time & patience

AUGUST 06, 2020

I can bet you wish your days were made of 48 hours. Honestly I do too. But what if we got things wrong about time scarcity? And should we have patience? How long do we really have to achieve our goals anyway? Here's...

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EP 1: What it Takes to Be The Best Version of Yourself

AUGUST 03, 2020

What do you think it means to be your best self? Is it possible, achievable and what does it really takes? Today I'll share with you a short yet impactful story from Ed Mylett that hopefully will change the way you think about...

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Introduction: Living With Your(best)self with Aurelie Ho

AUGUST 01, 2020

What if you could be the best version you could ever be today? You might probably find tons of excuses why you cannot, we all do it! What if you were to believe we have tweaked your DNA to max out your abilities and, with...




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