Introduction: Living With Your(best)self with Aurelie Ho

This week on Living With Your(best)self podcast

What if you could be the best version you could ever be today? You might probably find tons of excuses why you cannot, we all do it!

What if you were to believe we have tweaked your DNA to max out your abilities and, with enough hard work, you can actually get better and be your best? What if you were to believe you actually didn't need to go this far and are able to improve right now?

What does it mean to you to be your best anyway?

I'm Aurelie Ho, a mum of 2, founder of Gritly and host of this podcast Living With Your(best)self. After grinding in corporate HR doing what I loved most (building teams & people Operations for big and small companies) and burning out in the process, I took back control of my time. I hit reset and shifted my focus to use my potential & energy on my own terms, always putting what matters to me first. I now help creative entrepreneurs piece together the right focus, operations, systems & people they need to grow their business.

Living With Your(best)self podcast is all about breaking down what it really takes to increase your performance as an entrepreneur and be the best you can be without constantly doing more and burning out.

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