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This week on Living With Your(best)self podcast

What if you could be the best version you could ever be? Not next month, next year, not when you're going to have more time, experience, money, but now.

Imagine for a moment if you entered a shop whose business is to clone people with improved DNA. You enter the shop, have a consultation, pay the money, go through the procedure, and then your clone is created, only to be the best version you could ever be.


The clone will still look like you, maybe better, maybe smarter, with more charisma, but your best version. It will still be you. The clone doesn't have more money, more luck, more relationships, or more time than you do. It just does the same things only better.

If that sounds familiar you probably have watched the Netflix show called Living with yourself. It's about a man who wants to get better and clones itself, not on purpose but still, because he was desperate for a change. 

In the show, the man wanted to be a better husband, and be better at his job. And his clone turned out to be amazing in everything he does. But they're both the same person. Only one is a poor version of the man, the other the best. The clone seemed more positive, energized, and aware of his behavior. 

What your clone would look like every day? 
Will it be more kind, generous, courageous, funny, lighthearted, patient, daring, happy?

What will it do better?
Again I'm not talking about having more things than you. Forget money or success.

What would be its attitude?
How will it lead your days?

Anything you have in mind that your clone will do better, you actually can do it yourself. Right now.

All the reasons you could think of why you cannot be your best right now are biased.

It's only stories you're telling yourself. What if you were to change the narrative, remove the limiting beliefs and turn it into a positive story.

What if you were to believe we tweaked your DNA to enable you to do exactly what you want.

Who will you become?

You can be a better partner, parent, friend, teammate,  leader. I see too many people settling for good, for average. Not believing they can succeed in whatever they want to achieve. They put aside their projects and big dreams.

I don't want that for my kids, I don't want that for you.

I'm Aurelie Ho, mum of 2, performance coach, entrepreneur, and founder of Gritly, on a mission to help people like you, entrepreneurs & creators, parents & kids, develop a grit mindset to relentlessly take daily actions to be the best version of yourself.


That's what my business and this podcast are all about. An attempt at giving you a grit mindset, with discussion on how to improve your life & work to max out your days and get the best out of your life.


After working in corporate HR for 10+ years (Hiring & People Operations including career development, training and performance coaching) for big and small companies, I now help people & teams be LASER-FOCUS and GRIT to improve their performance at work and nail their goals.

If you're listening, chances are you want more from your life and business. I get it, I do too. And why shouldn't we?

You are capable. You are enough. It's just hard to commit long enough to see the results you wanna drive.

Having ideas, dreams, getting started is easy. Taking actions, getting things done (the important things done!) requires focus and tons of discipline, which is so hard to do today in a world where we're constantly distracted and given quick rewards (social media) and thanks to our education, we're lacking confidence and often give in to self-doubt.

Did you know that the number 1 reason why people don't achieve their goals is actually a lack of follow-through? Not because it was hard, but because it was hard to take action on it.

But it doesn't have to be like this...

Some people are highly successful, with their careers, business, and relationships.​

They've learned to push through their fears and relentlessly take small & big actions every day to achieve their goals. Yet they don't work 12hours a day and are much more productive in less time than 99% of people. 

HIGH ACHIEVERS have many things in common, the most important one being their MINDSET.

You can learn to focus, take control of your day, to work on what matters to you and achieve anything if you want it bad enough.

If you're a busy creator and entrepreneur you will want to subscribe to this podcast. So do it now and I'll see you in episode 1.

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