0 procrastination

Is it possible to never procrastinate?

Everybody procrastinate at some point. Even high achievers.

Some do it daily, others do it when they don't feel their best, usually after a period of working long hours.

We all have a different cycle and level of energy through the day, the week. When you know yourself, you can optimize your productivity according to your working patterns.

Having a morning practice will help you max out your days.

Be it working out or writing. Doing something consistently, every single day, feels great.

Do not allow yourself to procrastinate. When it feels hard, when you're down or tired, take one small action in the morning. So small you cannot talk yourself out of it. Go for a small or easy task. Or something you enjoy doing. If not, reward yourself after it if that can help you do the work.

Once you've done your morning routine and that one small task, you're in the right state of mind to kick off your day and do more.