2020 goals

99% of people take 0 action on their new years resolutions. Stop making long lists that you will not stick to. Do this instead.

Cut the crap with searching for the perfect goal setting formula. Forget SMART and other methods, keep it super simple.

Your goal needs to be actionable and challenging for you to take daily actions.

Here is how I do it:

I have one big goal at a time, a few key results I need to drive to nail the goal, and my daily actions to work towards my key results.

1 GOAL (why we do our daily actions) 3-4 Key Results: (what we need to achieve the goal) Daily Actions: (what to do / habit)

Allocate at least 30 min to an hour to work on your goal each day.

Don't not multitask on your goal. Stay focus.

Take even the smallest action, so small you cannot talk yourself out of it.

That's how you progress every single day.