Daily practice. Easy win.

Thank you for dropping by 👍 Here is the start of my daily practice of sharing my thoughts each day on work and life. I want to encourage you to do the same.

Yes that's right. I want to encourage YOU to create every day, whatever your style is, written, audio, video... for yourself or to share with the world. Making it public though will help you tremendously in your daily practice, because when you tell people you're doing something you will more likely follow-through. Accountability will help you get more done and be proud of what you create. If you create only for yourself (which you totally can if that works well for you) it's easier to slack on it and find reasonable excuses for not doing.

We tend to not create because we focus on the process more than actually getting it done.

We make it complicated.

Look for an easy win to start your day

Make it soooo simple that you cannot talk yourself out of it. It doesn't matter if nobody reads or sees it. What matters is that you show up for yourself everyday, to create, grow and get better. A daily practice will not only help develop better work routines in general and healthier habits but also nurture your grit mindset.

Look for an easy win each morning to serve a bigger goal. For me writing a short post in the morning helps me boost my confidence in my ability to create more long form videos and podcasts. Having an easy win in the morning feels great to kick of the day!

What can you do to create more each day?

Can you commit to start now?