Do one more

What if you could publish 1 extra video per week? That's 4 extra videos a month.

What if you could get 1 extra client each week? That's 52 extra clients a year.

What if you could ___________________ (you fill in the blank)?

What impact will it have on your work and life each month, each year?

Goals are great to give you directions, an extra push to help your achieve more.

Focus on having one challenging goal that will help you grit every morning until you complete it. The goal should not be business as usual, it should inspire you to do the work.

Don't make it complicated. Don't bother the formulation or the time frame. Deadlines are usually set arbitrary without knowing really how long it will take to get it done. Try to have it done asap and then move on to the next goal.

Start by doing one more each week.