Drop it

We're always told not to quit or stop doing, mostly because we started and it would be a failure, a shame to not continue. Regardless of the outcome.

Like when people want to stick to a job at least 1 year, 2 years... just for the sake of it.

Is it really worth being unhappy, stressed or burned out? Does it make sense to wait X amount of time before working on what truly matters to you?

We usually commit to projects and work not knowing in advance how our life will look like in 6 months. Why guilt people when they don't want to do something anymore, when they actually want to start something else that brings more joy and fulfillment?

If you want to be productive, be intentional with your daily decisions and how you spend your energy.

Learn not to over commit, stop being people pleaser, and say yes only to things that you want to do 100%.

Learn to drop things to make space for what really matters to you in the present moment.