Going off the grid

As I prepare to take a couple of weeks off work (I'm 9 months pregnant here), I rearrange my work to have everything running smoothly while I'm off the grid, with no stress.

You might find it very hard to disconnect from work as business is happening 24/7 and we think we need to be available all the time in case something important or urgent is happening. Your boss or team might also expect you to be reachable at all time.

It makes it difficult to take long period of time completely off, especially if your running your business or you're working remotely, where work is happening at home and most likely out of business hours as well. The number one struggle of remote workers is disconnecting form work.

How can you take time off with no stress?

Take into account what remaining time you have. Don't over plan.

Most people tend to over estimate how much they've progressed on their goals and under estimate the time left to complete their goals. Focusing on goals and daily actions that really matters, no procrastination, is even more crucial than usual.

Do what you can before you leave and schedule the remaining work to when you come back, or delegate if you can. Plan a week ahead at least, don't wait the last minute to avoid being disorganized and stressed out. It's not the best way to disconnect when you feel things are left pending and incomplete.

You should not feel guilty when you take short or long period of time off. You need regular time off to rest, to take care of your health and also to optimize your productivity. You cannot max out your days when your brain has no time to recharge.