Scrolling madness

How many hours per day do you spend scrolling down your phone?

My guess is far too many, and we all do it. Just out of habit, we take out our phone first thing in the morning and go mindlessly through social apps... or worse we check emails.

Not the best way to kick off a productive day but we're so used to do it, we don't even think about the effects it has on our brain, mood and productivity.

Can it seriously not wait one hour? After you have time to fully awake, do some workout, writing, breakfast, spend time with your family - whatever your "ideal" morning routine looks like.

When we wake up, our brain is fully recharged. Does it need to be fed with information right when we open our eyes?

Shouldn't we prepare our brain to use its maximum capacity in the morning?

That's what all successful people do on a daily basis: winning morning routine.

You don't have to wake up at 5 am to mediate for that😒 I know I don't.

Do what works for you.