Start now

How do you build a long lasting habit? It sounds dreadful🤢. A new habit doesn't have to stick for years or months. It needs to stick for as long as you need it.

Make it simple, so simple you cannot talk yourself out of it.

A habit, good or bad, is something you choose to do everyday (or every week).

Focus on one new habit at a time until it becomes part of your routine. Depending on the habit, how hard it is to stick to it, it can take you as little as a few days to a few months.

If it fails it's because your goal, your will, is not strong enough. Keep your goal in mind to help you be consistent with the new habit.

With a grit mindset, it's way easier to stick to new habits.

Don't ask yourself if you feel like it, make it a ritual.

What new habit will you start today?