Can you imagine not doing anything at all for 1 hour?

Okay, for 10 min?

Hard to achieve as we've got so much noises going on in our daily life.

If you know me a bit, you know I'm all for digital tools to make work & life easier. So much that even my 6 years old daughter has a Trello board with her schooling goals and progress tracking, and she uses a time tracking app each day😏.

Yet, in the past few months I started to limit my use of apps and changed some habits to reduce my screen time. I'm not using my phone first hour of the morning, I'm still working on not using it one hour before bed, which is definitely harder if I don't have a good book ready by my bed. In that case, I won't go on social but play mobile games to disconnect from my day.

When we have nothing to do, we grab our phone, we put it done, we grab it again. Just out of habit.

We make ourselves busy all day and overload our brain with information.

A few steps you can take now to reduce noises in your life:

➡️ Remove some social apps from your phone. When you really want to check updates, you'll know how to login on your computer.

➡️ Try no phone first and last hour of the day. It will have a huge impact on your productivity and sleep!

➡️ Have a dedicated quiet time during the day to free your mind. When we free our mind, it makes room to come up with new ideas.