The perfect work setting

This morning I was able to get so much done in 2 hours, completing half of my daily actions.

That's usually the right pace as I dedicate in average 4 hours of productive work per day.

2 hours of focused work while my daughter was studying right next to me, as we share our workspace, and when she was on the side role playing out loud with her toys during her breaks.

Is working with someone else right by your side, be it a teammate or your kid, the ideal work setting to deep focus? Probably not.

So what do we do when we cannot have our own space and peace while doing some important work?

I believe it's all in the head. The grit mindset. The ability to focus on demand.

It's not always attainable and even the best performers have low days when their productivity is decreasing.

If you learn to work with what you have and understand that your mindset is stronger than your circumstances, in most days when you don't have the perfect work setting you will be able to grit and get results.

High achievers don't live and work in a banker with 0 distraction and everything else they need to be productive. They usually travel a lot, move workspaces frequently and have to juggle between different type of works.

If you feel taking massive actions in a noisy, messy work environment, is too hard, focus on taking small actions each day and work towards your goals. Catch up when you can, early in the morning or late at night if you can have a bit of peace then. Work on building winning routines to make the most out of each day.