Visualize your goals, literally

Visualize means imagining but it also means making visible to the eyes. If you want to nail your goals you need to see them every single day to remind you to work on it.

It's sounds very basic and obvious but if you don't see them it won't happen. The number one reason why goals fail is because not actions is taken. The work is not done. How can you work on them if you bury your goals somewhere and never look back at them?

Two things you can do; write them down again every day as part of your morning routine in your journal OR/AND put them on the wall, above your desk or anywhere else where you can see them every day.

I have my goals on my wall so when I seat at my desk I SEE them. I advice you to put up your big goals, with no deadline or breakdowns, to have an overview of your main priorities for the coming months or year. You can have a mix of business and personal goals, big and small. Having a mix is good to see frequent progress and removing them from your wall when it's DONE.

For your short term goal(s), the one(s) you currently work on every day, I recommend to write them down every day when you write or journal. It's a great practice to start your day with your priorities in mind.