Work & minimalism

Have you thought about how minimalism could shape your life and work?

Leaning into minimalism is a great way to learn how to focus on what matters to you, to declutter your life and make room to create more.

Minimalism can take different shapes, you don't have to go all extreme on it. Start with making small changes each day to tidy your home, your workspace, your phone, your computer... to remove all unnecessary things that don't bring you joy or value.

Owning less things in your life will help you decide much faster, as you'll have less choices. That's why some people eat the same meal (same every Mondays, same every Tuesdays, etc) or have one outfit for the weekday (same shirt x5). That's two things they don't have to think about each day. Your brain can only make so many decisions a day before it gets tired, on top of all the information it has to proceed contently. Simplify your life to save your energy on things that really matters.

If you had to start today, think about how you can use minimalism to make your work and life easier.