Work & space

What do you need to be productive? To work at your best?

Where do you need to be?

Some people work best in a closed office, with no distractions, while some people can deep focus in a noisy coffee shop.

I work well in coffee shops with random people around but cannot focus well in large open spaces with people I know constantly chatting, walking around or talking to me. The difference is I cannot fully focus on my work because I'm aware of what's happening around me and it's a constant distraction.

When you know how to increase your productivity according to your working style and the type of work that needs to get done, it gets easier to max out your work day.

If you could choose the perfect work setting to max out your work day, what would it look like?

Schedule chuck of time with no distractions for deep work. Could be going to a nearby coffee shop, using a meeting room to work alone or coming in early when nobody's at work yet (and leaving work early).

Then remember that with a grit mindset you should be able to focus almost anywhere and take small and big actions every single day.