EP 3: Talent Doesn't Determine Your Success

This week on Living With Your(best)self podcast

What do you think matters most, talent or grit?

And more importantly, do you think you have talent, grit, or both?


Today we discuss the importance of hard work in being successful and why grit will help you outwork your competition. It's not talent that got me through anything I've accomplished in my life and if you look at the top 3 people you admire in business I can bet it's grit that got them where they are today.


I talk aboutTom Bilyeu because he's the perfect example of someone not particularly talented who went from being lazy (as he called himself), struggling to pay his bills to millionaire in just a few years, you can find more about him and his story on Impact Theory: https://impacttheory.com/



Should we have patience or not?

What is the big dream you have in your life?
How can you make sure to take action on it right now?


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