EP 1: What it Takes to Be The Best Version of Yourself

This week on Living With Your(best)self podcast

What do you think it means to be your best self?
Is it possible, achievable and what does it really take?

Today I'll share with you a short yet impactful story from Ed Mylett that hopefully will change the way you think about being your best, forever. I know you can be the best parent, partner, leader, entrepreneur... how do I know what it means to you? I don't, but you do. Learn how to look into yourself, from the best version you could ever be, to what is lacking today, and focus on closing those gaps. Aim for better one day at a time, you got this!


If you meet your other self, your best self, HOW different is it going to be from you right now?

List all the things it could do better.

Now ask yourself WHAT can you do to close in on those gaps.

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